Our Kinase Switch Control Platform

Our proprietary drug discovery platform is based on our deep insight into the biology of kinases, which are regulated by control of their shape, or conformation. The transformation of a kinase from an inactive to an activated state is dependent upon the interaction of one region of the kinase called the activation switch with an area called the switch pocket; a mechanism of activation that is common among kinases. While this activation mechanism is common among kinases, the molecular structure of the activation switch and the switch pocket varies. At Proficient Life Pharma, we take advantage of this variation to design molecules that inhibit a specific kinase or kinases. By directly targeting the switch pocket, we can design inhibitors that will be broadly active against the target kinase, covering both wild-type and many or all of the known mutant or amplified forms, or spectrum-selective towards several chosen kinases.

We believe no other kinase inhibitors on the market or active in clinical development directly target the switch pocket region, making Proficient Life Pharma the only biopharmaceutical company that is currently developing kinase inhibitors using this approach. Our kinase switch control inhibitors interact at a molecular level that is distinct from other kinase inhibitors and are designed to generate higher and more durable rates of response as compared to other kinase inhibitors. Using our kinase switch control inhibitor platform, we have developed a diverse pipeline of differentiated, wholly owned, orally administered drug candidates that include three clinical-stage and two research-stage programs.

Kinase Activation: The process and mechanism of activating kinases

Kinases direct cell signaling activity to control cellular processes and are regulated by switches to adopt active or inactive kinase states.